Top 10 Lists: TWITTER

So I have never been a big fan of twitter, but by making a top 10 list on twitter accounts I realize that this type of social media can be pretty effective and informative! Here are my top 10 twitter accounts that I feel would be good to follow, in no particular order:

  1. @BDPerry ★★★★★
    • This is the official account of Bruce Perry. He is one of the big names among childhood trauma. Therefore, I thought he should definitely be on this list. His twitter receives 5 stars because he posts tweets on childhood trauma and is currently active.
  2. @PCAAmerica ★★★★★
    • Prevent Child Abuse America tweets on healthy children development and programs offered to parents. They also tweet articles, stories, and has parenting tips of the week posts. Five stars for being engaged with its followers and staying up to date.
  3. @NeuroscienceNew ★★★★
    • I am a sucker for information on neurosciences and could not help myself by not including this twitter account. As the name suggests, this is an account that tweets on the emergence of neurosciences today. Hey, to be fair I just saw a recent post on babies and their brain waves. As mention earlier in this account, trauma relates to the brain and therefore it is a great idea to be informed on how this brain actually works. I have four stars instead of five because it does not directly cover children and trauma.
  4. @ThinkKids ★★★★
    • Think Kids is a program in Massachusetts General Hospital that aims to help adults in evidence based approaches in helping to change children behaviors, i.e. parenting skills. There account actually tweets training videos and gives many resources to their followers.  I gave four stars because parenting skills is just on piece of the puzzle to help traumatized children.
  5. @NCTSN ★★★★★
    • NCTSN stands for National Child Traumatic Stress Network. If you had looked at my top ten websites, you may have seen their website on that list. well guess what, they also have a twitter! Just as their website, their twitter account is filled with lots of information on trauma and stress. For instance one of their tweets was on how anxiety can be transferred onto children. Five stars all the way because they are still actively tweeting and providing great information to their followers.
  6. @GACFCA ★★★★★
    • Just as the name implies, Georgia Center For Child Advocacy, is an organization aimed to prevent, provide interventions and advocate for abused children. Their twitter account is interactive with their community, give tips on advocacy, provide volunteer opportunities, and give articles on trauma. Five stars for being an active and community based account.
  7. @TraumaReport ★★★★★
    • This account focuses on providing articles on trauma. Some of the tweet topics have been one “mental health among adult ages” and how “virtual reality programs are being used in mental health treatments.” They have well over eleven thousand tweets and are currently active, five stars all the way!
  8. @PsychToday ★★★★
    • This account has over 21 thousand tweets, with topics ranging from “detecting digital abuse in a relationship” and “depression”. They are active and post a lot! Four stars because it was not specifically focused on trauma, but overall a great account on articles and options across various topics and interests.
  9. @mhtodaymag ★★★★
    • Mental Health Today is a magazine. Their twitter account tweets articles, news, and blogs in relation to mental health. Some of the tweets include articles about antidepressants to why we need to invest in university counseling centers. I gave fours stars because it does not specifically post on topics of trauma (but that does not exclude that they haven’t in the past or will in the future). Overall they are a good account to follow, as have over sixty three thousand people think so!
  10. @MHChat ★★★★★
    • Last but not least, Mental Health Chat is an account that is interactive with its followers, they post topics on mental health in which followers reply too!! It bring out mental health awareness in the process. Five stars all the way for being so interactive.

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