Top 10 List: APPS

Here is my top ten list on Apps that can be used with children, parents, and counselors in relation to trauma. They are in no particular order:

  1. Calm ★★★★
    • Calm is a medication app. It includes guided meditations, body scans, sleep stories, breathing exercise, and much more. I gave this app four stars because even though it has a lot of features, it may not be suitable for the little ones to use by themselves. But it definitely can be used by parents and counselors in session, for instance the breathing exercises can help teach children how to do deep breathing to manage anxiety or stress.
  2. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids ★★★★★
    • This app is directly targeted for kids. It helps them focus and control their breathing while at the same time make it interactive and fun! The kids can earn stickers, watch videos, and learn about their feelings. Five stars!!
  3. Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame ★★★★★
    • This app was developed by Sesame Street. Children are able to learn problem solving techniques and self-control by interacting with monster friend who is engaged with a problem. This app is available in both English and Spanish! Five stars because it is also research-based.
  4. Positive Penguins ★★★★
    • This app is target children ages 9-11. It helps children identify their feelings and target them with their thoughts. I gave this app four stars because it is not free, 99 cents on iTunes and $1.99 for Androids.
  5. Spotify ★★★★
    • I know what you are thinking “why have a music app on this list?” But actually Spotify has various playlists based on mood and activity. For instance, there are meditation playlists, stress free playlists, and sleeping playlists. This is just another source of music that children can listen too, along with the parents. I gave 4 stars because in order to find these playlists one would have to navigate throughout the app.
  6. MindShift ★★★★
    • This app is targeted for users with anxiety, especially with teenagers. it gives coping skills, breathing exercises, medication videos, and tips. This can be a great tool for counselors to give to their young adult clients and parents. Four stars because it would not be beneficial and easy to use on children.
  7. Breathe2Relax ★★★★★
    • This app is great for stress management. As the name implies, it includes breathing exercises but what makes it different is that it can be personalized to the user. It also provides videos, readings on how stress affects the body, and users can chart their progress. Five stars because counselors can use this tool for their clients!
  8. Virtual Hope Box ★★★★★
    • This app was developed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology. It was designed to use as an accessory to treatment. It gives four options to the user, distract me (includes games), inspire me, relax me (meditations, controlled breathing), and coping tools. Five stars for having multiple purposes all in one! Great for counselors to suggest as tools.
  9. PTSD Coach ★★★★
    • This app was developed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, though it is targeted for veterans, the information provided can be useful to anyone who has someone in their lives with PTSD. This tool can be given to parents who have children experiencing PTSD. I gave four stars because it was not directly useful for children.
  10. Colour Mandala ★★★★★
    • What children don’t like to color? This app is great to have the child de-stress by coloring a mandala. Counselors can also use this at the end of an intensive session to have the client calm down and leave in a better mood. Five stars because it is versatile!

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