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I have compiled a list of my top ten blogs and/or pod casts that would be beneficial on learning about what trauma is and how it affects children. I rated then out of 5 stars, but essentially since they are my top 10 they are all perfectly sound! The list is in no particular order and I have included a short bio on each item. Without further delay here is the list!

  1. Child Trauma Blog ★★★★★
    • This blog deserves ALL the stars. It is currently still up to date, with the most recent post in the beginning of May. The topics of child trauma range from therapeutic interventions like TF-CBT vs. EMDR to even modern discussions on if being a transgender child is traumatic. This blog can be leaned more towards individuals who are currently therapists or wish to study. But this does not limit caregivers from attaining information on trauma. This blog is run by the Trauma Institute and Child Trauma Institute. The mission of this organization is to “promote the healing and healthy development of children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced trauma or loss.”
  2. TLC Institute Blog ★★★★★
    • This blog is run by the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC) who’s mission is to “bring out the best in every traumatized child by creating environments where children can flourish.” They recommend various books on childhood trauma, suggest activities for gratitude, to even providing information on the various experiences a child could have that is traumatic such as bullying. This blog has many guest speakers who are licensed across many fields come and express their thoughts on various topics and specialties. On that purpose, this blog was given five stars.
  3. Healthy Place Blog ★★★★
    • This blog as a whole encompasses many Mental Health blog topics ranging from binge eating recovery to treating anxiety. I gave this blog 4 starts solely on the notion that it is not a specific trauma blog, BUT this does not diminish the greatness of the overwhelming information that this blog provides. Based on that I felt that it should be listed in my top 10 list. Within the category of Trauma it has sections on childhood trauma and provides various videos to watch for visual informational gatherers. It also has tips and other information on PTSD and dissociation.
  4. Beating Trauma Blog ★★★★★
    • This blog is run by a survivor of child sexual trafficking. She tells her story and gives a perspective on how her traumatic experiences effected her. I think this blog is important to include because it gives a glance on the experience of trauma instead of learning via research and literature. By hearing stories, an individual can better sympathize with others who were victims of abuse. For instance, a child may not be open to speaking and the caregiver can hear other stories to maybe understand what the child is experiencing. I gave five stars because this blog is still up to date and there is a lot of information on personal experiences, along with reflections.
  5. Trauma Recovery Blog ★★★★
    • This blog is based out from the Trauma Recovery Centre. It includes personal stories to understanding the effects of trauma. I give this blog four stars because it is not up to date. BUT it should not be excluded solely on this pretense. It provides a lot of information on trauma recovery and tips for parents. Along with stories shared by counselors and personal stories of victims.
  6. Trauma Therapist Project Podcast ★★★★★
    • This is a GOLDMINE of trauma podcasts. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY. This site includes 231 podcasts on trauma!! These are podcasts made by licensed professionals who are all extremely knowledgeable on the effects of trauma and specializations, for instance autism and trauma.
  7.  Heal My PTSD Podcasts ★★★★
    • This site gets four stars because it is not specifically on trauma. It is more on the PTSD side. BUT in order to understand trauma and children and its effects, individuals need to understand that trauma does interact through PTSD symptomology. Though it is all categorized under PTSD, there are numerous topics on trauma on this site for instance, Neurofeedback and Developmental Trauma.
  8. Child Abuse and Trauma Podcast★★★★★
    • Unlike other podcasts listed earlier, this is an individual podcast on children and trauma. This is a great podcast to hear about all the effects trauma has on an child AND how to best support those children. Five stars are given because of its vast overview on the whole dimension of child trauma leading from the effects on the body, brain, and how to help the children on their road of recovery.
  9. Donna Jackson Nakazawa Blog ★★★★★
    • I gave five stars for this blog because not only is this blog run by an award-winning science journalist and speaker but also because she gives resources to the readers, books, links, podcasts, feedback. She also writes topics on childhood trauma and its effects in the adult lifetime. She has written and published books on this topic. I thought this could be another perspective of child trauma and its effects.
  10. Healing Trauma Through Mind and Body Podcast ★★★★★
    • FIVE STARS! This podcast is great! It is an interview with the director of the Boston Trauma Centre, Bessell van der Kolk. He wrote a book on the effects of Trauma called “The Body Keeps Score”. Like the book, this podcast is about how the body is effected by trauma. His perspective is that clients need to have self-awareness is important in therapy, because ultimately their worldview is different from individuals who have not experienced drastic trauma.

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