Technology and Counseling

Incorporating technology with counseling seemed to me like a dangerous game to play. Counseling was always about confidentiality and privacy, and I used to think that mixing it with technology would allow ways where the client’s privacy would be jeopardized. I used to think that it would also limit clients who are not tech savey or who do not have private access to computers or smart phones. But I am starting to understand how it can be beneficial. For instance, role plays. If a client participates in a role play that was recorded they would be able to physically watch themselves and their behaviors during it. This would enable them to visually observe their perceptions of themselves and improve problem areas. With access to emails, the counselor can also incorporate videos into treatment as homework, for those clients who learn by watching. As well as, give clients information on internet communities. I am starting to learn that mixing technology with counseling may actually show positives in therapy.

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